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My Zine Project

my misadventures and perils in the zine world

Yvonne G. / Invicta Distro
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80's, activism, alternative fashion, anarcha-feminism, anarchism, androgyny, animal rights, art, art history, art journals, art zines, artist journals, arts and crafts, bookbinding, bookmarks, books, bookstores, brainscan zine, calendars, cartoons, cats, chocolate, cinema, coffee, collage, collectibles, collections, comic books, comics, community, crafts, creativity, d.i.y., design, distros, diy, diy culture, do-it-yourself, doris zine, e-zines, ecology, equality, etc, etsy, fanzines, fanzines de portugal, female singers, feminism, feminist art, fiction, freedom, gothic, gothic culture, graphic design, graphic novels, guerrilla art, handmade, handmade crafts, illustration, image addict, imagination, independent publishing, indie media, individualism, inspiration, jordan crane, keri smith, letterpress printing, libraries, literature, magazine ads, magazines, mail, mail art, making zines, media revolution, meeting people through zines, mental health, mini-comics, mother earth, movies, museums, music, mythology, nature, nighttime, nonfiction, obsessions, office supplies, oporto, pain, paper crafts, passion, pen pals, perzines, photography, photoshop, porto, portugal, portuguese, portuguese fanzines, portuguese zines, português, postcards, print media, printing, procrastination, psychology, publishing, reading, reading zines, real mail, recycle, recycling, recycling paper, reproductive rights, revolution, riot grrrl, roses, sci-fi, self expression, self publishing, self respect, self-publishing, sketchbooks, sociology, stamps, stolen sharpie revolution, street art, sustainable living, taschen, tattoos, tea, trades, typewriters, typography, vampires, vegetarianism, vintage, vintage ads, women's rights, workshops, writing, zine libraries, zine reviews, zine scene, zines, zines de portugal, zinesters,